Great Female Art Historians

Thursday, 04.11.2021 – Sunday, 07.11.2021, Atelierhaus der Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien (Semperdepot) Lehargasse 8, Tor 1, 1060 Wien

Long before universities were open to them and long before their intellectual work was paid, they existed:

Women who engage with art, participate in discourses about art, and play an important role as actors in cultural life. They have also made crucial contributions to the discipline of art history.

The aim of the 21st international conference of the VöKK is to take a systematic look at the lives of women art historians in the German-speaking world and beyond, as well as the places and fields they impacted, and to ask about their conditions, to acknowledge their achievements, and to discuss the current situation.

In more than 30 contributions, the conference reveals a kaleidoscope of creative work for which a previously male-dominated history of the discipline has not developed a narrative.